Work Flexibly and Comfortably.

Free your employees from the pain of sedentary lifestyle with the flexible, adjustable workstations that match how they work best.


Let Them Move!

Bring Movement Into Your Workplace

Infuse movement into your working environment to create healthier, happier, and more productive employees⁠—by providing everyone’s different needs for ergonomics.

Healthier, More Productive

A minimum 10 minute of movement while working is proven to boost your brain function, which hold the biggest role in mental focus and productivity in working. Not to mention, movement offers better physical health to support your productivity.

Happier, Highly Motivated Staff

Study shows that the design of working environment has correlation to employees satisfaction and motivation in working—57% job seekers stated that benefits and perks are among their top considerations when looking for a new job.

Reduce Pain and Discomfort

Let your employees move with the movement-friendly environment and equipments that promotes flexibilities in adjustment. Small movements is proven to reduce muscle strain and pain, the more in the long hours of working.

How to Get Started

Start moving and create healthier system for all.

For Business Leaders

  • Share your vision with the executive team—sit-stand workstations help attract and retain top talent
  • Add employee wellness to performance reports, to healthcare costs and improve productivity
  • Support changes and facility improvements that make it safer and more convenient to move throughout day with the executive team
  • Lead the culture change—use your sit-stand workstation to conduct walking meetings

For Employees

  • Practice the sit-stand switch: every 30 minutes; alternate between sitting and standing
  • Stand up when someone comes to your desk to talk about a project
  • Incorporate stretching or simple exercises into both seated and standing positions
  • Conduct standing or walking meetings with team members

For Human Resources

  • Add sit-stand workstations to your corporate wellness programming
  • Educate employees on the many perks of moving more
  • Create a standard process for ordering and installing units
  • Design programs to help employees adjust to a movement mindset

Desk Converters

  • IT Divisions
  • Purchasing
  • Finance
  • Managerial
  • Administration/Helpdesk Area

Desk Mounts

  • Receptionist Desk
  • Designer, Editor Space
  • Administration Area

Mobile Desk

  • Meeting Room
  • Office Areas
  • Conference Rooms

Video Conference

  • Conference Room
  • Meeting Room
Success Story

Discover how ergonomic solutions from Ergotron changed the way people work to the better.

Success Story

Discover how ergonomic solutions from Ergotron changed the way people work to the better.


A new innovation for in-branch customer service, improving collaboration at the Customer Service counter with the seamless integration of over 2,000 units of Ergotron monitor arms.

Enhance Service Experience at Reception Desk with ergonomic monitor arms, becoming one of the first government organization to implement it.

Wall-mounted tablet arm placed at the reception area helps empower customers to independently select services and fill out forms, supporting a seamless digital service experience.