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Customize existing products or craft an offering that’s all your own to meet your unique business needs.

Ergonomics For Business

Providing a More Convenient Way of Working

Ergonomics is all about people’s way of working—it is hand in hand with the efficiency. As an ergonomic solutions provider, Ergotron provide a way for more people to find their healthiest and most convenient way of working—by developing ergonomic products based on their unique business needs.


Tailor-Made Examples

Modifications of Standard Product

Ergotron’s StyleView® medical cart is adapted to become a comprehensive mobile medicine platform for Medpod. A specialized accessory bracket mounts proprietary equipment, and a branded decal adheres to the worksurface.

Original Equipment Manufacturing

Ergotron built the Dell™ Compact Charging Cart to the computer maker’s exact specifications. With the innovative docking bays installed, a Dell laptop quickly slides in or out of its slot, with no cables to connect or unplug.

Certified, Professional-Grade Quality

Throughout the entire custom product lifecycle, look to Ergotron to exceed your expectations and meet the highest regulatory requirements. Ergotron manufacturing process take place in the wholly owned, ISO 13485:2016 certified facility, ensuring quality custom products that last.


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Tell us about your requirements, workflows, and goals. We’ll come up with the most suitable solutions to answer your unique needs in ergonomics.

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