6 Key Benefits of Ergonomic Products for Modern Work Trends


PT Murni, Jakarta – In today’s era, the office industry needed to keep up with practical, efficient, and relevant working trends for the hybrid world.

Keeping up means staying updated with the latest industry’s practice and technologies. This is actually beneficial for the office to maintain its competitiveness and productivity.

Health and technological advancements have led to a growing awareness among office workers of the importance of a comfortable and healthy work environment. This awareness has been particularly heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite this, many companies still face significant challenges in managing employees’ health and well-being.

In fact, working on a computer or laptop for very long periods in poor posture with minimal physical activity can lead to muscle stress, which may contribute to various health problems in the long run.

This can affect employee performance, leading to lower productivity and ultimately impacting the company’s success. 

Modern Work Environment Illustration.
Modern Work Environment Illustration. Source:

can help you create an ideal and adaptable workspace that aligns with modern working trends, emphasizing comfort, flexibility, and collaboration across various areas.

The design and excellence offered by the ergonomic products serve as an effective solution to meet the needs of each individual, addressing both physical aspects and workflow. 

Thus, what are the benefits of ergonomic products for your employees? How does this impact your business? Let’s find out!

Benefits of Ergonomic Products in Work Environment

Ergonomic products offer various benefits for both employees and businesses. Here’s how:

Maintaining Health and Well-Being

Ergonomics is essential for improving employee’s health and comfort during their work routines.

Working with Ergonomic Desk.
Working with Ergonomic Desk. Source: Freepik

An ergonomic work environment can significantly lower the risk of musculoskeletal disorders by up to 59%, helping prevent back pain, neck and muscle injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other health problems for your employees.

Designed with efficient and easy-to-adjust features, ergonomic solutions enable individuals to work comfortably and flexibly in either sitting or standing positions.

This change can positively impact employees’ well-being by reducing stress, boosting energy and mood during work, and even improving their sleeping quality by the end of the day.

Increasing Productivity

Implementing ergonomic products offer more than just physical benefits for your employees, but also helps in boosting their productivity levels.

Workers with high energy levels tend to be more active, make fewer mistakes, and find greater satisfaction in their work.

This condition drives up employees’ morale, creating a better company culture. Work efficiency improves significantly in a comfortable working environment.

Reducing Healthcare Expenses

Many companies face the challenge of rising healthcare expenses, which increase significantly each year.

These costs include compensation for employees who encounter health issues or work-related injuries.

Ergonomic work environments can significantly reduce compensation costs by up to 68% and cut labour expenses by 43%.

Needless to say, investing in ergonomic products for the workplace presents a strategic solution to ensure both sustained employee well-being and business prosperity.

Minimizing Absenteeism Rates

High absenteeism rates can be a concern in the workplace, disrupting regular operations and increasing the workload for other employees.

While health issues are becoming one of the factors, multiple studies show that proper ergonomic implementation in the work environment can play a significant role in preventing them.

Implementing ergonomic products is an effective way to optimize employee attendance rates, fostering healthier employees, and potentially contributing to company success.

Promoting Positive Workplace Culture

Unpleasant work conditions often drive employees to seek better opportunities in a more conducive environment.

Poor employee retention can lead to high turnover rates, resulting in increased recruitment and training costs for the company.

Comfortable Working with Ergonomic Solutions.
Comfortable Working with Ergonomic Solutions. Source: Freepik

Ergonomic solutions help businesses provide a good workplace and enable employees to present their greatest performance.

This strategy shows the company’s concern for its employees, fostering trust and a positive company image.

Fostering Company’s Image

When employees are satisfied with the services provided by their workplace, they tend to be more loyal and share positive feedback, which enhances the company’s reputation.

Besides focusing on the products or services offered, implementation demonstrates the company’s commitment to treating employees properly.

How Ergonomic Products Supports You

For a more comfortable and effective workspace, here are some recommended ergonomic solutions you might need:

Flexible Desks and Workstations

Improper working posture and sitting for long duration can lead to various health concerns or injuries. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a neutral position while working.

Ergonomic desk is an innovative solution designed to help workers achieve better posture.

Take Ergotron, for example, with its diverse selection of ergonomic desks crafted to maximize productivity while prioritizing the health of users.

Fostering Modern Work Trends with Ergonomic Workstations.
Fostering with Ergonomic Workstations. Source: Ergotron

Ergotron‘s Standing Desks and Workstations enable users to effortlessly switch from sitting to standing positions while working, featuring convenient height adjustment with a slight touch.

Meanwhile, Ergotron‘s Mobile Carts allow users to move from room to room smoothly – thanks to reliable wheels and fluid mobility.

Ergonomic desk made by Ergotron features advanced technology, configurable modular peripherals, and hassle-free maintenance.

Not only optimizing individual work, Ergotron‘s desk variation also support team collaboration as well as accommodate teleconferencing needs during meetings.

Ideal Monitor Stand

Having the monitor screen in the wrong position can cause eye discomfort such as dry eyes, redness, blurred vision, head and shoulder strain.

Using an ergonomic monitor stand helps prevent these negative impacts, allowing the screen to be adjusted based on user requirements.

Installing Ergotron‘s Monitor Arm or Monitor Mount can effectively tackle this issue by allowing you to adjust the distance, angle, and height of the screen to a comfortable level for your eyes.

Ergonomic Monitor Stands for Working and Gaming.
Ergonomic Monitor Stands for Working and Gaming. Source:

Ergotron‘s Monitor Arm and Monitor Mount are proven to be robust despite their lightweight design. The compact footprint, along with hidden cable management is perfect for a small, neat workspace.

With outstanding flexibility, Ergotron monitor stands facilitate effortless height adjustment, tilting, sliding, or rotating up to 360 degrees, supporting healthier body posture.

For optimal functionality, monitor stands by can be configured with various peripherals as required, delivering the perfect angle for your work.

Comfort-Enhanced Chair

An ergonomic workspace is more effective with adjustable chairs that can be tailored to height, body size, and user needs for comfortable working.

Ergonomic chairs provide excellent back support, maintaining the spine’s natural curve through flexible tilting, ensuring feet are flat on the floor – and are even better with cushions for lumbar, head, and arm support.

Accessories for Support

Accessories for ergonomic products offer extra functionality to optimize work performance, holding equal importance to the main products.

Using a footrest, auto-retracting keyboard, ergonomic mouse, peripheral holder, and other supportive accessories can help alleviate muscle tension, fostering a more relaxed work experience.

Elevate your work environment with Ergotron‘s ergonomic products, turn your vision of a healthy and comfortable workspace with modern features into reality.

It is essential not only to provide the equipment, but also to educate employees about correct posture at work. Productive, high-quality employees play a crucial role in company success.

Embrace Comfort at Work with Ergotron Indonesia

Ergotron is an American company with over 40 years of experience in developing various ergonomic products.

As a pioneer in ergonomic workplace solutions, Ergotron prioritizes human health and comfort, focusing on continuous development of innovative and high-quality ergonomic products.

Ergotron provides a variety of products including adjustable standing desk or sit-stand desk, mobile workstation, monitor arm/ mounting display, mobile carts, charging cart, and others.

Looking for the best for your business? Our team of experts is ready to help you create a healthier and more comfortable workspace tailored to your unique needs. Please be informed that PT Murni Solusindo Nusantara is the official distributor of Ergotron in indonesia

Get in touch with us for more information and personalized consultation at Hotline 1500 913 or email at You can also explore more products available on Tokopedia. Let’s build a better work environment today!


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