Improving Health & Quality of Life with Ergonomic Products

We are the only Official Distributor of Ergotron in Indonesia. Ergotron is a global company focusing on the creation of ergonomic, human-focused products design.

What is Ergonomics?

The study of understanding human interactions with other elements in system, which includes the act of designing furniture or equipment to optimize users’ well-being and overall performance.


Mobile Carts

Move More, Reach More.

Bring all your devices, work from anywhere, and achieve better outcomes with flexible carts that meet your unique workflows.


Monitor Mounts

Well-being, Within Arm’s Reach.

Get the best screen-viewing experience with a professional-grade and adjustable monitor mount.


What Makes Ergotron Different?

As the champion of movement and flexibility, Ergotron offers high-quality products by ensuring safety, durability, and advanced ergonomics for every user.

Safety in Quality

Ergotron’s products have passed quality testing and certifications, ensuring safety for all users and technology involved.

Durability That Lasts

High-quality designs and materials offer durability and trouble-free adjustment within years of usage.

Ergonomics for All

With easy and flexible product adjustments, fitting every user’s needs of ergonomics while matching their unique workflows.

Stand-up Desks

Stand-up and Feel The Difference.

From better health, to better collaboration and performance. The feel-good benefits of sit-stand desks are here for you.



Keep Your Space, Your Space.

Rethink your space with a complete computer workstation that adjusts to how you work best.


Charging Systems

Power Up Your Classrooms.

Keep your learning devices ready and secure with smart charging systems. From charging carts to cabinets—choose whatever matches your needs best.


Ergotron For Business

Flexible Solutions To Fit Your Unique Needs.

For over 40 years, Ergotron has been helping people across industries to be their healthiest and most productive selves.

How We Help Our Clients with Ergonomic Solutions


Improve collaboration at the Customer Service counter with the help of over 2,000 units of Ergotron monitor arms.

logo-kemenkeu (1) 1

Enhance service experience at the reception desk with ergonomic monitor arms, becoming one of the first government organization to implement it.

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Enable real-time digital documentation from anywhere with the battery-powered medical carts from Ergotron.


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